"Verge Collection" - CD Single

"Verge Collection" - CD Single

Ferociously melodic, erratically toeing the line between pop and chaos, THE DECLINE unleash their latest single Verge Collection onto the world. The heavily chorus driven punk tune features a guest appearance from Stacey Dee of US punk’s Bad Cop/Bad Cop, comes in at only 1 minute and 44 seconds and is the first taste of new music from the Perth skate-punk quartet since their 2017 split 7” with friends Local Resident Failure on Pee Records.
Verge Collection showcases the band’s unique writing ability, blending heavy guitar riffs with a fun, sing-along chorus, and while it is not like anything heard from the band before, fans will still feel at home with this fast, melodic punk song, available as a Limited Edition CD Sleeve with two bonus tracks.

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1. Verge Collection
2. Fast Food
3. Can’t Have Both