Magical Misery Tour - NEW Vinyl 12" LP Album!

Magical Misery Tour - NEW Vinyl 12" LP Album!

Join The Decline on a mystical journey of boredom and fatigue on their latest LP; Magical Misery Tour – a new compilation album featuring all the stand alone singles recorded during the pandemic. “We were pretty bored with our state borders locked, so recording some new songs about eating chips, sketchy life decisions and my cat seemed like a pretty good idea” explains Pat Decline. The album also contains fan favourites from past 7-inches, splits and compilations like Fast Food; the no-contact-delivery-take-out-anthem, and Year Of The Crow; yet another Decline song about birds. It even features the highly controversial I Never Cared About Christmas which includes lyrics stolen by Nerdlinger (allegedly) and a new single; Hillsong Of The Damned featuring guest vocals by Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb.

Can’t Have Both
Any Name But Yours
Absent Mindlessness
Hillsong Of The Damned
The Most Expensive Chips I’ve Ever Had
Beat The Clock
Year Of The Crow
Fast Food
Trash Course
Life of the Party
Writing The Same Song Over & Over Again
The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
I Never Cared About Christmas…
Amazing Disgrace
The Answer Is Still No
With A Little Help From My Friends
Secret Bonus Track - Start Again/New Again – (Digital and CD Only)

PLEASE NOTE: Vinyl colours may vary from mockup image displayed.